Caricatures are great fun for the children and the parents.

(Great for birthday parties, holiday parties, or just to have FUN!)

Let's make an event out of Caricature day!

1.   Parent and child choose the theme (princess, soccer player, ballerina, cowboy, etc.) for the drawing from a checklist the artist will provide.

2.  The artist will draw the caricature with the chosen theme. The other children can watch or do other things.

3.  The drawings can be collected by the teacher and copied for the child to color.

4.  The drawings can also be copied and made into a coloring book by the teacher for all of the children to color and take home with them.

5.   Each child gets to take home the original caricature, the copy that was colored, and memories of a day of fun!.

See More Examples

Girls Theme Check List

Boys Theme Check List

Call Share Faerber, Caricature Artist    314-771-7762


National Caricaturist Network, St. Louis Chapter



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