Frequently Asked Questions 

About Using a Caricature Artist

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How many people will the Artist draw per hour?

The Artist Says:  It takes 3 to 4 minutes to draw one complete 11X17 black and white caricature.  This can vary with the ages of the subjects and the movement of the crowd.  Some days I draw faster than others. I usually draw my fastest with children, because lines and sitting still are hard for them.  With an adult audience, I put more into entertaining and clever, personal situations.  Lot's of laughter! Fun for the watching crowd, but it slows me down a little.

Do you draw just heads, or heads and bodies?

The Artist Says:  I draw what is called the "Big Head, Little Body" style of caricature.  That means that I draw the head in about 2/3 of the page and use a small cartoon body to illustrate an amusing situation.  I try to personalize this cartoon portion as much as possible. This increases the entertainment factor of caricature for the crowd, and creates a memory to take home for the subject.

Will the Caricature Artist exaggerate my bad points and embarrass me or my guests?

The Artist Says:  I actually draw more of a "cartoon portrait" rather than a traditional highly exaggerated likeness.  I tend to exaggerate the good points in the face, accentuate the positive, rather than the negative.  I know that many artists do not agree with this approach and think it is "selling out" but I find this is the way that gives me the most pleasure to draw.  I am a positive, friendly person and I like making people happy.  My caricatures make people smile.  I always draw a cute body on a woman, and leave out a wrinkle here and there. I want you to enjoy your caricature experience.

Can you draw the bodies first and print them ahead so it will be faster?

The Artist Says: No, it is not my style to do generic bodies for everyone.  I have tried this approach and it actually slows me down because I have to plan the head to fit the preprinted body. I do not always draw the same size. I also feel it takes away from the custom personalized nature of the caricature, and as an artist I am not willing to do that.   When I have a large group, I do cut the detail in the body part of the drawing to a minimum to work at top speed, while still making each drawing personal, and a little different.  If you really want the pre-printed bodies, I am happy to refer you to another artist who will accommodate you.

What does the Artist need to set up at my event?

The Artist Says:  I bring an easel to draw on. At an indoor event I need a well lighted area, a small table and 2 chairs.  Be aware that a crowd will form around me to watch, so it is best to plan the space for that.  It is also helpful if I am not to close to loud music or the DJ.  It is important for me to be able to talk to the subject and the crowd.  For an outdoor event shade is very important, both for the artist and the subject. Squinting changes the face.  Also I am a redhead and I sunburn easily.  If you can put me under cover, that is the best option. Rain ruins caricatures, but I bring plastic bags to protect them. At a picnic ground I still need 2 chairs.  Picnic tables will not work with my easel.  I will bring along a small portable table.

When will you arrive at our event?

The Artist Says: It takes me less that 5 minutes to be set up and ready to work. If I am familiar with the location and the set up you will see me approximately 15 minutes before I am to start work.  In most case I will actually be onsite much sooner than that, but have found it less awkward if I do not set up too far ahead of start time. Also I am often traveling directly from one show to another, and may need a minute to relax before checking in. If you specifically request that I be there sooner, I will be.


Share Faerber, Caricature Artist    314-771-7762

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