Special Parties need Special Touches.

Sign-in boards with caricatures of the guest or guests of honor are very popular for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Retirement parties, wedding receptions, Birthday Parties and Anniversaries.  The Board is placed on an easel and the guests can sign it. A keepsake is made priceless. 

I do two types of sign in boards:

    1. Caricature Drawn in color on one side of the board with a border using the theme of the party or favorite items arranged around a clear area in the center for signing.  This is usually horizontal.  The most common size is 30" X 40".

    2.  A full size color caricature with a wide matt board around it for guests to sign.  This one is usually vertical, and and normal sizes are

 11X14 (Matted to 20X24)

11X17 (Matted to 20 X 28)

13X19 (Matted to 24 X 30)

Larger Sizes require special printing and will be more expensive to produce.

Custom Designed Borders for the Caricature Paper with the party theme, a company logo, event and date, or all of those, can make sure your event is remembered for years to come. I design the paper to your needs and have it printed for your event.  Check out the samples and see if a custom border might be right for your event.

Greeting Cards and Invitations can be made from digital caricatures.

Other possibilities are Posters, Flyers, and T-shirts, anything else that can be printed from a digital file

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