Live Caricature Entertainment For Your Next Event


Planning a Party?

 A Convention or Trade Show?

Add more fun to a Party, Picnic, Convention, or any type of special event! Watching is terrific fun. A caricature artist can entertain the crowd, and the guests can take home a personalized drawing, a reminder of a great time.

Drawing "Live" at a party or special event is always enjoyable for the subject, very entertaining for the crowd and also great fun for the artist!


Caricatures are drawn on 11X17 heavy paper (cardstock) with an attractive border and take 3-4 minutes to complete in black and white. 

Custom designed and themed borders and /or company logos, event name and date can be done upon request and printed for your event for an artwork

Plastic bags are provided to protect the artwork, at no extra charge.

Live Digital Caricatures

Another option for special events is the Live Digital color caricature, drawn on a digital tablet directly into a laptop computer, and printed on photo paper. The caricatures can be just heads (faster, 6-9 minutes each) or Full body-Situation Caricatures (15-20 minutes each).  With the full body -situation caricature, the person would only have to pose for 3 or 4 minutes, and the body can be completed later. This works very well for events where the guests go to dinner or a meeting, or are attending a convention.  The faces can be posed for and then the pictures can be completed during the time the guest is occupied. This also works well in the office environment, where the employee would only be required to pose for a very short time and can then return to work while the picture is completed.  Another advantage to the digital caricatures is that they can all be burned to a disc at the end of the event for the host or employer to keep and can be printed again and used for newsletters, web pages, or whatever is wanted.  (Copyright releases are included on the disc)

Live Digital Samples

Due to the equipment, skill and supplies needed, this is a more expensive option than the usual live pen and ink classic caricature.  Optionally, Guests can receive the picture on disc, on photo paper, or both. 

 A Caricature Artist always draws attention and entertains the group. At a convention or trade show the artist keeps people around the booth waiting for a turn and watching and gives the sales staff a captive audience. The crowd will notice your products. Your logo and contact information can be printed on the caricature paper, making sure your company is remembered. This is a "Take Home Gift" that will be kept, and shown to others, perhaps even framed on the office wall.

 Caricature Artist Share Faerber loves to draw and some faces are especially fun.  This one is a real crowd pleaser. Do you have a sense of humor?

Drawn at the NCN Convention 2001, Atlanta


Karen Fulk, drawn at the NCN Convention 2001,Atlanta

I often put up a sign to let people decide how they would like to be drawn.  The adds to the fun

Your Event will be remembered every time your guest looks at the drawing..  These caricatures often are framed and become treasured keepsakes. Some people look forward to getting one every year.


Share Faerber, at her easel.



Share Faerber, Caricature Artist    314-771-7762

National Caricaturist Network, St. Louis Chapter