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30X40 Matted, airbrush and marker on illustration board from photos

Studio Caricature are more detailed and finished pieces done from photographs.

Studio Caricatures make wonderful unique gifts.  Studio Caricatures are also used as "Sign-in Boards" for parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and other special events.

Sign-in Boards can be designed for signing on the matt, or with an area for signing inside the artwork area.  The client provides several photos, from different angles, and details to make the picture personal for the subject. These Studio Caricatures can be just about any size from 8X10 to 30X40, matted. They can be black & white or color

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  Lots of fun!



Sometimes a Studio Caricature is done to remember a certain event or to honor a dear friend or coworker, boss or employee, relative or buddy.  A Studio Caricature often has a story to tell.


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Caricature Artist Share Faerber 


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